Chicago sports has the good, the bad and the question marks

I hate to do it, but let us get the bad out of the way. The Bulls were confusing and disappointing in my opinion. They looked really good when they were 22-12….but then they had 3 crappy months. A crazy penchant for playing down to the lesser opponent while playing their A games for the best in the NBA. A 10-6 record in their own division, solid play against 2 seeds Toronto and the Spurs and a good road game at Golden State come to mind as playing UP to the competition. But strangely in the end they seemed to miss Thibodeau’s loud screaming. I asked Coach Hoiberg if he would consider being less patient and louder next year- and he laughed knowingly. Check my Tv page April 16 or later for his full answers to my year end questions. I also have a one on one with Derrick Rose-very interesting. So the Bulls go into the lottery-but they are not going anywhere unless the coach or players he trusts start cutting the bull on
what defensive assignments are being blown. And get Snell out of the doghouse.

Baseball is GOOD…….After one week , I declare the Cubs and White Sox playoff teams. I mean it. Clutch hitting, solid pitching and good defense are a winning formula. I’m ready to start looking up stats from the 1906 World Series between the Southside Sox and West side Cubs (they played on Polk Street). Am I jinxing them with all this blather? Big boppers are expected to win games;but when Addison Russell and Austin Jackson are getting winning hits on the same day-that’s something to talk about. Depth and competition for playing time are big-as are intensity and a winning clubhouse culture-without 14 year-olds.

The Blackhawks are a mystery going into the 2016 playoffs. They could be great-they could exit early-it could be up to Crawford. It’s so hard to win back to back titles-and expectations are so high-the non stars have to step up. A third line forward or a 5th defenseman needs to get hot and it could be contagious. And the Hawks have to win on the road EARLY this year.